What We 'Doo'

Poopie Patrol comes to your house once, twice or three* times per week depending on the schedule that best suits your needs. (Every-other-week service is also available). 

All of our Pooper Scooper Troopers have S.W.A.T. training. (No, not Special Weapons and Tactics, although we do use special tools and techniques to ensure we always do a thorough job. In our case, S.W.A.T. stands for Scoops Waste and Trash.)

Now, about those special tools and techniques. Our Pooper Scooper Troopers use modified scooping shovels that are specially designed for scooping pet waste. We don’t just look in the usual places where your dogs “doo” their business nor do we wander aimlessly around your yard hoping to find it all. Instead, we borrow techniques used by our brothers and sisters in law enforcement. Much the same way that crime scene investigators methodically search a crime scene, our Pooper Scooper Troopers systematically zigzag back and forth across your yard collecting all the “evidence” your dogs have left behind. 


Only by searching every square inch of your yard can we be assured that we find everything your dogs have left behind. We also pick up any small trash that has blown into your yard.

Our Pooper Scooper Troopers pick it all up and haul it away so you don’t have to see it or smell it again!

* Three-Times-Per-Week service is only available in the following zip codes: 75204 (West of I-75), 75205, 75209, 75219, 75220 (East of Midway), 75225, 75229 (East of Midway) and 75230

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