About Us

Poopie Patrol is a pet waste removal company serving the Dallas area. We are an expansion of the services offered by our sister company, On Call Pet Sitters. We founded On Call Pet Sitters in 2000 and enjoyed tremendous success. Over the years, we found many of our pet sitting customers had a need for a professional and reliable service that could clean the waste their dogs left behind. In 2005, we filled that niche and Poopie Patrol was born.

We now proudly state that we take care of all your pets’ needs from one end to the other!

Ridding your yard of pet waste is an unpleasant chore that many people simply don’t have the time or the desire to do. No matter how well you clean your yard, you know your furry loved ones are going to come along and generate more work for you. It is truly a never ending job.

That’s where we come in. Poopie Patrol will come to your house on a regularly scheduled basis to rid your yard of the one thing you don’t love about your dogs. We collect all the pet waste as well as any small trash that may have blown into your yard. It’s the easy way to keep your yard clean, healthy and enjoyable all year round. Call us today!

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